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🔬Two groundbreaking #paperhighlights #Jul2023 push the boundaries of our understanding in #biophysics. 📄💡 Join us in celebrating the remarkable contributions of @SBESp members!🥳👏 #ScienceMatters🧬🧪📊🔍
@Gnperez23 @inmarquescudero @idiazmoreno

Our European Biophysics Congress #EBSA2023 in Stockholm has been just opened! Four days ahead full of science, nice discussions and friends!
Gorgeous environment of @Stockholm_Uni and spectacular congress site at Aula Magna

#paperhighlights from #Jun2023 are now online, check 'em out on our webpage ➡️https://sbe.es/paper-highlights/
Congrats to all the co-authors! @CICbioGUNE @maciaslab1 @orozco_lab @IRBBarcelona

Recibida instrucción de Gerencia del @CIB_CSIC: "tras consulta realizada a la Agencia Estatal de Investigación, no se considera elegible la dieta superior por gastos de alojamiento". Es decir, es necesario adecuarse al límite fijado en el Real Decreto 462/2002, de 24 de mayo 👇

Joint Biophysics day between @SBEsp and @SCB_iec. Great young biophysicists received their prize from @mamartirenom and @alxpm1976 as hosts. Thank you @carlomanzo78 for organising such a great event #SBE2023, and @IsmaelMingarro for such a great SCB talk.

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Paper highlights

#paperhighlights May2023 #2

#paperhighlights May2023 #2

Hybrid Plasmonic Nanostructures for Enhanced Single-Molecule Detection Sensitivity E K Herkert, D R Bermeo Alvaro, M Recchia, W Langbein, P Borri,...

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#paperhighlights Apr2023 #1

#paperhighlights Apr2023 #1

Correlated motions in DNA: beyond base-pair step models of DNA flexibility  K López-Güell, F Battistini, & M Orozco Nucleic Acids Research,...

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Teresa Giráldez Fernández & Fernando Moreno-Herrero winners ex aequo of the Bruker prize 2023
«For her remarkable contributions to advance the study of ion channels and the development of biophysical techniques to unravel the mechanisms of action of those channels and their physiological implications
«For his pioneering biophysical studies of molecular machines involved in DNA repair, organization and replication using single-molecule studies by force microscopy.»
Rafael Fernández Leiro & Miguel Mompeán García winners ex aequo of the SBE-40 prize 2023

«For his outstanding studies, using mostly cryoelectron microscopy, on protein complexes that are responsible for DNA replication and maintenance, and their role in cancer.» 

«For his notable efforts in understanding the mechanisms underlying molecular assembly in general and amyloid-type fibre formation in particular.»

Sara Hernández Mejías & Rosa Martínez Corral winners ex aequo of the SBE-33 prize 2023

“For her significant studies on the use of biological molecules and chemical modifications to create novel materials.”

“For her notable contributions to comprehend the roles of allostery in modulating transcription factors and in the origin of pulses and oscillations in biological systems.”