The SOCIEDAD DE BIOFISICA DE ESPAÑA (SBE) aims at promoting and disseminating the interests and activities of Spanish biophysicists at national and international levels. Since its foundation on 1986, the SBE has implemented an active program directed to stimulate the research and training activities in the field of Biophysics. The SBE has facilitated a close contact of its members and has marketed their achievements internationally. For this purpose, the SBE has become a member of IUPAB, EBSA and LAFeBS, and in addition, fosters collaborations with Portuguese Biophysical Society and the Biophysical Society (USA).


  1. To monitor the research and training activities in the field of Biophysics in Spain.
  2. To promote the diffusion of our members results and technologies.
  3. To foster Biophysics Research in Spain.
  4. To recognize and distinguish the achievements of our members.
  5. To endorse training activities on biophysics.
  6. To stimulate a biophysics career among youngsters.
  7. To disseminate biophysics to Society.
  8. To become a channel of communication between our members and Society.
  9. To facilitate the transfer and translation of our members technologies to Society.


The sponsor member is a strategic and close SBE partner, who provides support for SBE initiatives that are pivotal to achieve the Society objectives. In return, the SBE provides a privileged communication channel to funnel sponsors news, products and technologies to the society members, thus catalyzing a fruitful interaction that benefits both partners. The SBE keeps an open relation with sponsor members, trying to satisfy their needs and help with their goals. There are three different categories of sponsor membership, namely Basic, Regular and Premium, reflecting the degree of collaboration with the SBE.