The Spanish Biophysical Society (Sociedad de Biofísica de España, SBE) was established in 1986 and it has as its main objective to favor the contact between biophysicists working in Spain and between these and the international Biophysics community. To fulfill these objectives SBE organize a national scientific Meeting every year, funding young members to attend this Congress. Members of the Society obtain a very important discount to attend these meetings. SBE also provides travel grants for young members to attend Meetings organized within the country by members of the Society. To support the international contacts SBE is a member of the European Biophysical Societies Association and the members of SBE obtain benefits from this, since they have discounts for the Congress fees and the possibility of obtaining travel grants. SBE is also a member of the Latinoamerican Federation of Biophysical Societies, supporting in this way the dissemination of Biophysics throughout this continent that is so closely related with Spain. Another purpose of our Society is to disseminate Science and in particular Biophysics communicating with the Society and favoring the divulgation of Science to the public.

SBE also works very closely with the Spanish Committee for Biophysics chaired by José López Carrascosa, linked to the International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics. This page also serves as a voice for this Committee.

The recent years have seen a very important expansion of SBE with a significant increase in our number of members. The Council of the Society (Junta Directiva) is very committed to follow this way since as we increase our size we become stronger and more able to fulfill our objectives. To help with this and also to facilitate a closer contact of SBE with our members and with the Spanish society we have appointed local representatives in each geographical who will be the eyes and ears of the Society.

If you are already a member of SBE we invite you to get more tightly involved in our activities and to visit frequently our web page, where we will try to offer information about fellowships, jobs, publications of our member, meetings, scientific news and more. If you are not a member yet, we invite you to become one: in this web page you will find a very simple way of joining us and you will discover that we ask you for just a very modest fee.

Finally, I send my best wishes to all of you who have read this introduction.

President of Sociedad de Biofísica de España