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👩‍🔬🧫 Oferta de ayudas predoctorales sobre
"La Señalización Núcleo-Mitocondria a Nivel Molecular" en el grupo de Biointeractómica (, perteneciente al Instituto de Investigaciones Químicas, @cicCartuja , Sevilla

Muy triste haber conocido el reciente fallecimiento de mi querido amigo y colega, insigne biofísico de biomembranas, compañero de fatigas en el impulso y desarrollo de nuestra @SBEsp, José Luis Arrondo.
Acertado y sentido obituario de su amigo de mil batallas Félix Goñi
Qué pena

The 7th International Iberian Biophysics Congress will take place from 14 to 16 June 2021 in an online format. Early registration by April 20.
@UnivdeCoimbra @SBEsp Portuguese Biophysics Society European Biophysical Societies’ Association #biophysics

🎉Congratulations to the new members of the @SBEsp executive council:
President Elect: José Mª Valpuesta
Vice President: Aitziber L. Cortajarena
Secretary: Douglas V. Laurents
Councillors: Beatriz Ibarra, Jordi García-Ojalvo, Carlo Manzo

After some costruction works🏗️🧱, our #paperhighlights section is back, now on the @SBEsp website:🔗 Check it out to stay updated on top contributions from our members!

After some costruction works🏗️🧱, our #paperhighlights section is back, now on the @SBEsp website:🔗 Check it out to stay updated on top contributions from our members!

In the case you missed the brilliant #EBSA lecture by @Hashemyaser4 on "single particle cryo-electron #microscopy" 🔬, you can now watch it here: 🎞️ @ebsa_in #biophysicsweek

Hoy viernes 26 a las 15:00CET tendremos la charla de @Hashemyaser4, flamante EBSA Young Investigator Award 2021, dentro de la #BiophysicsWeek. Organizado por EBSA y con la colaboración de la @SBEsp
Podéis seguirla en:

Are you interested in the field of biophysics, but want to learn more? Visit to see what biophysics is all about!

Join our #BiophysicsWeek lecture:
🏅#EBSA Young Investigator Award 2021
👨‍🏫Yaser Hashem
📅March 26, 15:00CET
🔬Single particle cryo-electron microscopy: A method of choice for solving large and heterogeneous molecular complexes
@ebsa_in @BiophysicalSoc

🥳 Happy to have celebrated #BiophysicsWeek at @UVic_FCT for the 4th year in a row, hosting young and brilliant high-school students to discuss about #covid19, #viruses, and #vaccines🔬@SBEsp @BiophysicalSoc @UDivulga @SCBcat @uvic_TLC

Check the new dates for #IBBC (online) congress.
Fellowship available for young researchers!

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Paper highlights

#paperhighlights Apr2021 #1

#paperhighlights Apr2021 #1

Structure and evolutionary trace-assisted screening of a residue swapping the substrate ambiguity and chiral specificity in an esterase Cea-Rama I,...

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#paperhighlights Mar2021 #2

#paperhighlights Mar2021 #2

Hinge-shift mechanism as a protein design principle for the evolution of β-lactamases from substrate promiscuity to specificity Modi T, Risso VA,...

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#paperhighlights Mar2021 #1

#paperhighlights Mar2021 #1

The release of toxic oligomers from α-synuclein fibrils induces dysfunction in neuronal cells Cascella R, Chen SW, Bigi A, Camino JD, Xu CK, Dobson...

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Salvador Ventura winner of the Bruker prize 2020

For his extraordinary scientific trajectory in understanding the mechanisms of protein folding and aggregation and their connection with disease.

Nunilo Cremades winner of the SBE-40 prize 2020

For her outstanding research focused on the molecular mechanisms of amyloid aggregation and its associated toxicity, underlying neurodegenerative disorders.

Rafael Tapia Rojo winner of the SBE-33 prize 2020

For his remarkable studies on relevant biophysical problems such as search mechanisms in protein-DNA interactions and the description of protein folding pathways.