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call for abstract XVII SBE Congress

call for abstract XVII SBE Congress

Registration and abstract submission for the XVII International Congress of the Spanish Biophysical Society, which will be held in Castelldefels (Barcelona) on June 27-30, 2023 are now open!!!...

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#savethedate SBE congress 2023

#savethedate SBE congress 2023

It is our great pleasure to present the XVII SBE Congress that will take place in Castelldefels (Barcelona) on June 27-30 2023 in an in-person format. This traditional scientific event is organized...

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Ya podéis empezar a organizaros para atender el XVII Congreso Internacional de la Sociedad de Biofisica de España @SBEsp, que tendrá lugar en Casteldefels los días 27-30 de junio de 2023.
Programa, registro e información general aquí:

We are very excited to announce that registration and abstract submission for the #sbe2023 international congress are now open!!! 🔗 Spread the word!

Check out our #paperhighlights of #Dec2022! 🔗
Congrats to the authors for these amazing works! @fencingdocfer @orozco_lab @J_Aranda__ @FMorenoHerrero @SDeBraganca
🙏A special thanks to the @SBEsp secretary @LaurentsDouglas for taking care of the selection

🎄Happy holidays with our top 3 #paperhighlights #Nov2022 featured in @NatureComms! Congrats to all the authors!!! @xsalvatella1 @socsamUB @Gulliver_lab @jordi_ignes @LlorcaLab @OscarLlorcaCNIO

...last but not least of our #paperhighlights #Oct2022, a great collaborative effort published in @NatureSMB! 👏Kudos to all the authors! @cicCartuja @idiazmoreno 🔗

#paperhighlights #oct2022 Here comes our monthly update of featured articles from @SBEsp members!
Congrats to the authors of these amazing works in @NatureComms!
@BRforEM @BiofisikaScienc @CICbioGUNE @davidgilcarton @RECI2022 @ferreryekito @IDiBE_UMH

Un placer ser nombrado “Ambassador” de la @BiophysicalSoc para España en el periodo 2023-2025. Tb en colaboración con la @SBEsp. Seguiremos trabajando para promover la biofísica como fuente de conocimiento y soluciones, con la colaboración internacional como elemento fundamental.

Are you into Biophysics? 🤓, Does 'Barcelona in June' sound alright? 😍

Well, here 👇(and RT 🙏)

#savethedate for the next @SBEsp international congress 📅 June 27-30, 2023 in Castelldefels (Barcelona)!!!

#paperhighlights Check the 4⃣ selected works published in #Aug2022 by @SBEsp members! Congrats @JavierBuceta @LaurentsDouglas @Nunilo_cc @gorka_mgm @Hesso_F_Sci @sphuyal87 @Pcusachs and coworkers!!!

Congrats to @ma_mompean for the @ERC_Research Starting Grant!!!

...back to school with an outstanding #paperhighlight by @PCusachs and coworkers published in #june2022 in @NatureCellBio! Kudos!

We are organizing a BPS Virtual Networking Event: “Beginner Scientists at the Interface of Physics and Biology”, on September 15th from 9 am-1 pm (EST).
Do join us and spread the word!
Register here:

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Paper highlights

#paperhighlights Dec2022 #3

#paperhighlights Dec2022 #3

APLF and long non-coding RNA NIHCOLE promote stable DNA synapsis in non-homologous end joining S De Bragança, C Aicart-Ramos, R Arribas-Bosacoma, A...

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#paperhighlights Dec2022 #2

#paperhighlights Dec2022 #2

Proton Transfers to DNA in Native Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry: A Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics Study M Paulikat, J Aranda, E...

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#paperhighlights Dec2022 #1

#paperhighlights Dec2022 #1

Chemical modulation of microtubule structure through the laulimalide/peloruside site J Estévez-Gallego, B Álvarez-Bernad, B Pera, C Wullschleger, O...

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Ismael Mingarro winner of the Bruker prize 2022

For his solid and recognized research career devoted to understanding the mechanisms of biogenesis, folding, and insertion of membrane proteins. For his efforts to integrate different disciplines within biophysics, and for his commitment to the development of biophysics in our country.

Javier García Nafría & Felix Campelo winners ex-aequo of the SBE-40 prize 2022

“For their outstanding contributions to the study of the structural biology of membrane proteins and to the investigation of membrane biophysics in the cellular context, respectively.”

Ricard Alert winner of the SBE-33 prize 2022

For his remarkable contribution to the study of soft matter physics to understand collective behaviors in cells and tissues.