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Biology is a source of interesting problems for physicists and computer scientists too... just an example: @AndiChallenge #BiophysicsWeek

On behalf of the organizers of #7IIBC congress, 😢with a heavy heart, we have to announce that the #COVIDー19 pandemic made the June 17-19 dates unviable. The congress is thus postponed to a future date. #StayAtHome

📢 La @AgEInves suspende los términos e interrumpe los plazos administrativos de los actos y procedimientos derivados de sus convocatorias de ayudas.

A great biophysicist and friend. So happy to see @birloque ‘s profile featured by @BiophysicalSoc ! @SBEsp

En estos duros días, ha sido una sorpresa agradable y un pequeño soplo de felicidad q justo haya salido esto. Cuando me entrevistaron desde la @BiophysicalSoc quise mostrar la importancia de profesores y mentores inspiradores. Yo los tuve y los quiero para nuestros chicos de hoy

This is a major recognition, very happy to see one of my best friends @birloque as ‘Biophysicist in Profile’ at @BiophysicalSoc
Very much deserved and also a great hit for @SBEsp CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🍾

...with a heavy heart, we have to announce that the events of the🍕#biophyzza #biophyzzaconnection #biophysicsweek are postponed to prevent the spread of #COVID19. We hope to celebrate them soon. #stayathome Thanks to @DominosPizza_ES🍕for the support! @BiophysicalSoc @SBEsp

March's Biophysicist in Profile is Jesus Perez-Gil of the Complutense University of Madrid. Read about his life and career thus far

Feelin’ proud and honored to see our president featured by the @BiophysicalSoc! Enhorabuena @birloque! Kudos!!!

The #imaginaction contest reaches its 5th edition🎂!
Don't miss the possibility to get a bursary for the #IIBC2020!!!
Set free the Art of Science! 🎨🔬
Thanks to @HamamatsuPhoton for the sponsorship!

[#paperhighlights]📣The second Jan 2020 highlight on #Biofísica_magazine features an article 📰 published in @NatureComms 👇
🎉 Kudos to the authors! @InstructI2PC @instructhub @cossStock

[#paperhighlights]📣 With a little delay (sorry🙏), here's the first Jan 2020 highlight, an 📰 article in @CellReports by Ventura's lab (@PPMC_UAB). Read about it on #Biofísica_magazine:

Summer School 2020: Physics of Biological Systems: From Emergent Collective behaviors to Functional Materials

@mart1nezdelp0z0 Finally here is the result: "Seeing the science glass half full" @SBEsp @CNIC_CARDIO @CienciaGob

An optimistic view on the state of science. Please, do comment on the website and/or by replying to this tweet

I'll be posting excerpts over the next days

One of the great things of being a mentor is to witness how your students grow as scientists & humans. One of the great things of @BiophysicalSoc annual meeting is the photo booth 🤪🤪 @Nanopdics @albjglez

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Germán Rivas winner of the Bruker prize 2019

For his outstanding scientific trajectory in the study of interactions, reactivity and structural organization of supramolecular systems in crowded cell-like environments.

Iván López-Montero winner of the SBE-40 prize 2019

For his exceptional research to disentangle vital molecular processes occurring at mitochondrial membranes with a biophysical perspective.

Anna Alemany winner of the SBE-33 prize 2019

For her studies on fluctuations and kinetic states in diverse biological processes such as nucleic acid folding or cell differentiation during embryo development, and the development of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing tools to characterize the lineage of individual cells.