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“La pandemia va a durar mucho tiempo y debemos atacar la desinformación tanto como la enfermedad”
Entrevistamos al matemático y epidemiólogo @AdamJKucharski, autor de 'Las reglas del contagio' en @Capitan_Swing

[#paperhighlights] 🎉With an unforgivable delay (🙏) here's the second article selected in #Biofisicamagazine as an #highlight in #May2020⬇️
Congrats @giraldezT!!! 🥂

[#paperhighlights] 🎉#Biofisicamagazine features an article published in @NAR_Open describing a single-molecule study to dissect mechanical properties of the intrinsic curvature of DNA 🧬
🔗 #May2020 #highlight
👏Kudos @Alberto59308808 @FMorenoHerrero!

To ensure the safety of Society members and meeting participants, the 2021 BPS Annual Meeting will be held virtually. We look forward to providing a creative and stimulating platform for the biophysics community to share outstanding scientific content. More info to come! #bps2021

Aunq pelín desfasado (lo escribí en época pre-COVID) la revista #EncuentrosEnLaBiología (@InfoUMA) acaba d publicar algunas reflexiones sobre #PolíticaCientífica (o sobre su ausencia más bien) en las q hablo d... @ANECAinfo @CrueUniversidad @CSIC

We are hiring! Master or grad students (Biochemistry or similar) wishing to join us, apply for a #JAEintro fellowship from @CSIC
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"The occurrence of a crisis such as the one we are currently experiencing reveals the disastrous policies of indiscriminate cuts to scientific research."
Read the interview to #biophysicists V. Aguilella and A. Alcaraz in "El periodico mediterraneo" 📰: 🔗

[#paperhighlights] Last (but not least) #highlight in #Biofisicamagazine for #April2020: congrats🥳 to @AlegreCebollada @CNIC_cardio for the recent publication in @NatureComms ⬇️

Keep watching 📺our chat with Jesús Pérez-Gil @birloque and José Manuel Bautista @1000genes In today's clip, Carlo Manzo @carlomanzo78 and Jesús reflect on the role of Science and scientists in Society during this #Covid2019 crisis.👇@SEBBMDivulga

[#paperhighlights] Learn about lipids and Kir2 channel interactions in the @PNAS 📰 by @drannaduncan @RobinCorey1 in #Biofisicamagazine 📅#April2020 #highlights! 🔗

[#paperhighlights] Here's another #April2020 #Biofísica_magazine highlight by Aitziber López Cortajarena in @NanoLetters, accompanied by a suggestive 🖌️artwork by M. Eugenio Vazquez🎨 @ChemBioUSC 🔗

[#paperhighlights] ⌛️Time flies even during the🔒 lockdown, so here we are back again with the first highlight #April2020 from Antonio Felipe's lab @UniBarcelona 🕸️
➡️Read more on our #Biofísica_magazine 🔗

Hoy liberamos código que hemos estado desarrollando desde los Servicios Informáticos de la @unicomplutense junto a personal de la iniciativa para permitir construir redes de laboratorios para PCR como la montada por@1000genes.

Se llama CompluPCR.

Poco a poco vamos completando el puzzle. Todo está conectado. Mañana lunes 18M-16:30 tenemos una nueva #reflexionesciencia de la mano de Jesús Pérez Gil @birloque
Jesús hablará de "colaborar para sobrevivir" en su webinar No os lo perdáis.

☑️40 participants➕3 teams already registered for the @AndiChallenge

💻3 tasks✖️3 dimensions to compete for

➡️Join the #challenge to push the boundaries of single trajectory characterization📈


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Salvador Ventura winner of the Bruker prize 2020

For his extraordinary scientific trajectory in understanding the mechanisms of protein folding and aggregation and their connection with disease.

Nunilo Cremades winner of the SBE-40 prize 2020

For her outstanding research focused on the molecular mechanisms of amyloid aggregation and its associated toxicity, underlying neurodegenerative disorders.

Rafael Tapia Rojo winner of the SBE-33 prize 2020

For his remarkable studies on relevant biophysical problems such as search mechanisms in protein-DNA interactions and the description of protein folding pathways.