Two members of the SBE have been honored with 2023 National Research Prizes. The SBE extends its heartfelt congratulations to Prof. José López Barneo and Dr. Miguel Mompéan García for their outstanding contributions to the field of biology.

The goundbreaking work of Prof. López Barneo (Founder and director of the Seville Institute of Biomedicine,  Esteemed professor at the University of Seville) has significantly advanced our understanding of physiology, as well as cellular and molecular neurobiology. His pioneering contributions have propelled the field forward, making him a deserving recipient of 2023 National Research Prize in Biology «Ramón y Cajal».

Dr. Mompéan García (Distinguished researcher at the Institute of Physical Chemistry “Blas Cabrera”) has demonstrated exceptional multidisciplinary prowess by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge chemistry and structural biology techniques into his research. His innovative vision promises to shape the future of biology, earning him the well-deserved 2023 National Young Research Prize in Biology  “Margarita Salas”.

The SBE congratulates all the awardees of 2023, whose remarkable achievements continue to drive progress in science. For more details on the awardees, visit