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1. Manuel Rico-Bruker Prize. From 2015, the Bruker Prize becomes the Manuel Rico-Bruker Prize in memoriam of Professor Manuel Rico. This Prize is generously supported by Bruker Española SA (3.000 €). Professor Manuel Rico was a leading biophysicist, member of the SBE, and a Research Professor at the Institute of Chemical Physics Rocasolano at the CSIC. He was a pioneer using NMR technologies to study protein structure, stability, dynamics and interactions. The Prize is addressed to recognize the excellence of the work in the field of Biophysics carried out in Spain. Preference is given to members of the SBE.

The past winners of this prize were:
1998: Rafael Picorel (Zaragoza)
2000: Miquel Pons (Barcelona)
2002: José María Valpuesta (Madrid)
2004: Javier Sancho (Zaragoza)
2006: Jesús Pérez Gil (Madrid)
2008: José García de la Torre (Murcia)
2010: Modesto Orozco (Barcelona) and José Luis Rodríguez Arrondo (Bilbao)
2011: Ignacio Fita (Barcelona)
2012: Antonio V. Ferrer Montiel (Elche-Alicante) and Marta Bruix (Madrid)
2013: José Manuel Sánchez Ruiz (Granada) and Félix Ritort (Barcelona)
2014: Óscar Llorca (Madrid)
2015: Juan A. Hermoso (Madrid)
2016: Xavier Gomis Rüth (Barcelona)
2017: Alicia Alonso (Bilbao) and María García-Parajo (Barcelona)


2. Enrique Pérez Payá Prize. The SBE-40 Prize becomes the Enrique Pérez Payá Prize sponsored by BCN Peptides and Prima-Derm (1.500 €). Dr. Enrique Pérez Payá was a leading biophysicist, member of the SBE, which contributed to the development, translation and internationalization of biophysics in Spain. His work was centred in the peptide-membrane interactions and apoptosis. He was a pioneer in the use of combinatorial chemistry to expand the chemical space for basic research and to develop peptide-based therapeutics. In addition, Dr. Pérez Payá was an entrepreneur the strongly believed in translational science. He was always supportive of young biophysicists.

Addressed to biophysicists below 40 and takes into account the whole of the work carried out, although with preference to that done in Spain. In previous editions it was sponsored by the Sociedad de Biofísica de España and Werfen-Izasa-Beckman-Coulter.

The past winners of this Prize were:
2010: Pau Bernardó (Barcelona)
2011: Teresa Giráldez (La Laguna)
2012: José Manuel Gómez Vilar (Lejona-Vizcaya)
2013: Xavier Salvatella (Barcelona)
2014: Fernando Moreno (Madrid)
2015: Irene Diaz Moreno (Sevilla)
2016: Raul Pérez Jiménez (San Sebastián)
2017: Emilio J. Cocinero (Leioa-Bizkaia) and Carlo Manzo (Vic-Barcelona)


3. SBE-33 Prize. SBE-33 Prize is awarded under the sponsoring of AntalGenics (1.000 €). Addressed to biophysicits below 33.

The whole of the work published will be considered (independently of the country in which it was done). Last year this Prize was generously supported by Elsevier.

The past winners of this Prize were:
2012. Sergi García Manyes (King´s College, London)
2013: Anna Shnyrova (Bilbao)
2014: Jorge Alegre Cebollada (Madrid)
2015: Cecilia Artola (Madrid)
2016: Lorena Redondo (INSERM, Marsella)
2017: María Queralt-Martín (Bethesda) and Álvaro Inglés (Klosterneuburg)