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What is Biophysics? → Careers

If you are curious about biological processes and enjoy puzzle solving, designing experiments or working with numbers and computers, there are many exciting opportunities for you in biophysics.

Biophysicists use the methods of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology to study how living organisms work. They investigate how the brain processes and stores information, the heart pumps blood, muscles contract, plants use light in photosynthesis, genes are switched on and off and many other questions. Other kinds of scientists, including physiologists, cell and molecular biologists, geneticists and biochemists, also work on these problems; however, biophysicists are especially interested in the physics and physical chemistry of biological processes and make far greater use of quantitative measurements and analysis.

Biophysicists work in universities, industry, medical centers, research institutes and government. Women and minorities are actively being recruited. For more information about some of these opportunities, see the Careers in Biophysics brochure.